June 14, 2017

Radissson Blu


09:15 - 10:15

Session 1: Developing the New IT Capabilities for Digital Transformation

Chaired by: Jyoti Lalchandani, Group VP & Regional MD, Middle East, Africa & Turkey, IDC

The strategic priorities of digital transformation are evolving quickly. Big bets are being placed; unusual techniques are being applied and new bars are being established. As the digital strategy directly drives the IT strategy, it is critical for CIOs to recalibrate their IT capabilities for the digital strategy. During this session, Mr. Mark will outline the new IT capabilities (processes, platforms, talent, governance) needed for digital transformation.

10:00 Panel Discussion: From CIO to CDO: Innovate, Integrate and Incorporate Chaired by Jyoti Lalchandani, Group VP & Regional MD, Middle East, Africa & Turkey, IDC

This discussion will focus on how CIOs who want to lead the digital effort and enable the transformation process are acting as mentors and mobilising technology resources that will be more likely to lead the digital function in their enterprise.

Panelists: Michael Mitchie, CTO, M Oriental Bank

                  Bernard Rono, Head of ICT, Kenya Tea Packers Limited (KETEPA)


10:15 - 10:45

Session 2: SMAC – Welcome to the Future of Business

Chaired by Jyoti Lalchandani, Group VP & Regional MD, Middle East, Africa & Turkey, IDC

SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) are four technologies currently driving innovation and process in businesses today. SMAC creates an ecosystem that allows a business to improve its operations and get closer to the customer. The proliferation of structured and unstructured data that is being created by mobile devices, sensors, social media, loyalty programs and website browsing is creating new business models built upon customer-generated data. If your business does not have a SMAC roadmap, its time you do, none of these four technologies can be an afterthought - it is the synergy of social, mobile, analytics and cloud working together that creates a competitive advantage. A CIO’s role will change from Engineer to Pioneer, BPAs will become scientists needing to combine consumption of analytics with deep understanding of how to use our emerging tech. IT departments will need to offer contextually relevant experience that will support new working styles across social and mobile. Success lies in our leader’s power to have vision and identify benefits of our undeniable digital transformation globally and ensure the platforms are there to allow for adoption of new technologies.

10:15 AM IDC Overview

10:20 AM Presentation by Sage
Nikki Summers, Regional Director - East Africa, Sage

10:40 AM Open Discussion



10:45 - 11:20

Session 3: Building Intelligent Enterprises

Chaired by FrancisHook, Regional Research & Consulting Manager, IDC

Artificial intelligence is not just about robotics, users are now able to leverage machine learning to become intelligent Enterprises personalizing customer service, removing bias from hiring decisions,acceleratinginvoiceclearances, and many more.

10:45 AM Raffle Draw !!

10:50 AM IDC Overview

10:55 AM Presentation by SAP

Dr. Gilbert Saggia, Managing Director, East Africa, SAP

11:10 AM Open Discussion


12:00 - 12:50

Session 4: Truth or Dare: Reality & Risks in Today’s Digital Security World

Chaired by Francis Hook, Regional Research & Consulting Manager, ID

In a digital enterprise, security will play a major role in helping organizations differentiate themselves. Security will need to embed as a part of the business process than be just a policy or a framework that employees will need to follow. Organizations will have to relook their business process and create a strategy where they can ensure security and privacy for their users and customers.

12:00 PM Raffle Draw !!

12:05 PM IDC Overview

12:20 PM Panel Discussion


Pete Freilinghaus, Managing Director, ContinuityEastAfrica
Brian Pinnock, Regional Manager - Sales Engineering, MEA Mimecast
Veronica Nderitu, Security Manager, Kenya Tea Development Agency Holdings (Kenya)
Gezahegn Tadesse, Director Information Security , Awash Bank (Ethiopia)


12:50- 13:40

Session 5: Cloud & Datacenter

Chaired by Leonard Kore, Senior Research Analyst, Telecom and Networking, Africa, IDC

As the evolution of new infrastructure models emerge, new demands for cloud based service delivery are driving critical IT requirements for network, storage, and automation software. The propagation of private cloud adoption are driving significant business outcomes that drive new needs for IT leaders and organizations, and new value opportunities that increase agility, speed, and quality, while offering lower operating costs. This session will help CIOs better understand the opportunities that these new infrastructure components can offer.

12:50 PM IDC Overview

01:05 PM Panel Discussion
Ben Mann, Chief Operating Officer, East Africa, IBM

Otieno Antony, Secretary General, Internet Society Kenya Chapter

01:35 PM Raffle Draw !!



14:30 - 15:15

Session 6: Real Challenges, Real Stories: Turning Adversity into Opportunity

Chaired by Leonard Kore, Senior Research Analyst, Telecom and Networking, Africa, IDC

For many CIOs, to say that 2017 has presented its fair share of challenges is clearly an understatement. On the one hand, budget constraints have forced IT departments into a 'leverage and optimize' mode as part of broader cost reduction mandates, while on the other the business requirements have become significantly more demanding due to volatility in the markets. Organizations have been forced to rethink investment strategies – and any new capital expenditure is coming under intense scrutiny. As a result, new pricing and service delivery models have becoming more attractive where more flexibility is available. This presents us with an opportunity to think about what the 2018 technology landscape would look like, and in this respect CIO's are asking a number of questions as they start making plans for the future. This session will attempt to answer these questions, as well as provide a healthy platform for debate to ensure that attendees can share best practices where relevant.
Hear from progressive CIOs from various industries describing how recent findings from the business literature have revealed a major challenge to today’s successful organizations. The session also discusses the ability to anticipate, and prepare for, continuous and disruptive market change. While many organizations have been created, and indeed prospered, around a key successful business idea, often this success has ultimately encumbered the organization, and made it difficult to adjust to changing market realities. As a result, the established successful organization may face significant challenges to continued market dominance.

02.30 PM Transforming Banking Enterprise Architecture for Digital Innovation
George Njuguna, CIO, HFC Limited

02.45 PM Presentation by CETRAD
James M. Wanjau, ICT Technical Manager, CETRAD

03.00 PM Open Discussion


15:15 - 15:45

Session 7: The Future is Here – How Breakthrough Tech Innovations Are Shaping Our Region

Chaired by Jyoti Lalchandani, Group VP & Regional MD, Middle East, Africa & Turkey, IDC

East Africa is emerging as leaders in the adoption of disruptive technologies as they look to accelerate their economies towards digitization. Governments are prioritizing and promoting the adoption of breakthrough technologies such as cognitive/AI, big data analytics, robotics, 3D printing, IoT, and AR/VR in order to improve the lives of citizens, enhance productivity, and foster innovation. In this session, senior executives from organizations at the forefront of innovation will discuss their vision of the technology landscape in the next 10 years.


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